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Coastal Caps is born of our artistic spirit and mutual love for land and sea. We are Ella and Grace, students at Bennington College, invested in the environment and making the world a better place. We are both very concerned about the harm plastic pollution has on our environment and wanted to do something about it. The caps emerged from our first year studies helping one of our professors fight back against plastic pollution. There we were able to help advocate and pass the S113 Law in VT, one of the biggest plastic bans in the U.S. yet. Now that we know more facts on plastic we have created a place for used single use plastic bags that is not in a land fill.These cool caps are unique in both appearance and construct. No two are alike, using recycled materials including the structural brim.

We hope to help reduce plastic pollution with our small sustainable business. Our hats are handmade with reused materials.

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